The innovation files 7

Imagine standing on the beach with a board in your hand, staring at the sea, staring at the sand, zipped into a wetsuit, taking a deep breath and jumping on your board paddling away from the land. Flat on your board, the surf looks like intimidating, furious grinding waves determined to swallow you. But before they devour you, you dive under. After surfacing, the seawater’s salty taste triggers your brain to fire a strong, happy cocktail of endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. This is life; this is it. After some more duck dives, you end at the lineup where the…

The innovation files 6

Imagine Mike, let’s say Mike Wazowski, has a whiskey bar. Better, an exclusive whiskey bar, he is known for his expertise and rare brands of whiskey. The price of a 33 cc glass of whiskey varies between € 8,- for a Nikka Coffey Grain or Caol Ila 12yr and € 25,- for a Longrow 18yr or a Middleton Very Rare. Business is going well, but Mike decides to start a promotion campaign to attract a new audience. On February Thursdays, Special Whiskey Night, all whiskeys € 12,-. When he does his bookkeeping at the end of the month, he discovers…

The innovation files 5

Imagine you suddenly had to pay 10 cents per message you post on WhatsApp. It would stop the continuous flow of movies, memes, photos, video and voice calls, activity updates and group chats. Wouldn’t it? But how is WhatsApp making money? And why paid Facebook $19 billion in 2014 when they acquire it? At that moment, the revenue stream was close to zero. Currently, they have found some ways to make money. But again, 19 billion? Welcome to the digital economy.
Let me give you another example. Imagine you are at the bank office, a client comes in and asks…

The innovation files 4

Imagine running a company that takes care of the transportation of sheets of papers from A to B. Your business model is based on the stamps that you put in the top right corner. You sell these stamp and only transport sheets of paper that carry a mark. You give these marks funny colours and nice drawings, so people recognise them and even collect them. However, these sheets themselves are worthless. It’s the content on it that is valuable to people, and therefore they are willing to pay you for transport. Comfortably as you are, you lean back behind your…

The innovation files 3

Imagine you are standing in the bakery and can only order by answering true or false, yes or no, on or off, zero or one. How would you order four cheese croissants, one loaf of bread, and three baguettes? Even better, how would you start? What would the initial question be? This boolean way of looking at reality, with only true or false statements, is called digital. The zeros and ones embody exactly that, true is one, false is zero or the other way around, who cares. The digital way of running interactions seems opposite to the way how we…

The innovation files 2

Imagine all the books you read, all the movies you saw and all the TV Shows you watched. There are many, but basically, all these books, movies and TV shows are based on just 6 plotlines: nothing more, nothing less, just six. And these six plots, in their turn, have only two variables: fall and rise. I would say it is almost digital, binary, boolean.
The six plotlines are:
1. Rags to riches — a steady rise from bad to good fortune
2. Riches to rags — a fall from good to bad, a tragedy
3. Icarus — a rise then a fall…

The innovation files 1

Imagine, we could fast forward to 2050 and from there look back over the last past 30 years. Would we be happy, would we conclude that we nailed the big questions of the early twenties? Would we be proud and celebrate emission-free industries, oceans exploding with life, no food shortages worldwide, plastic-free shopping, and balanced agriculture? Or would we lower our head and stare down to the ground in despair, nobbing our heads. China invaded Taiwan, Europe split up again, a civil war is raging in the US, and a shortage of food, medicines, and freshwater determines every nation's politics…

VodafoneZiggo Crossroads 2020

On November 17, corporates and startups gathered to talk about how they could cooperate better in the future. VodafoneZiggo organized a panel talk during Crossroads 2020, a startup festival organized by StartUpUtrecht. The discussion aimed to understand what both sides (corporates and startups) need to co-operate, developing a list of insights into how corporates “think” with the core intention to help startups.
The panel consisted of the following members:
- Benji Coetzee Digital Director VodafoneZiggo
- Hidde Koning Founder and CEO Bittiq
- Daan Witteveen Deloitte NSE Technology Sector Leader
- Silke Wesselink Manager Innovation NS
- Desiree van der Gracht CEO Ambient Wellbeing
The conversation…

1 = 1 + 1 / 1 + 1 = 1

Hybrid is a word with one meaning but used in many different ways depending on the cultural settings. In music, jungle is a hybrid between reggae and house. Hip Hop would say “what the fuck is hybrid”. Hybrid Rock is a combination of hard rock and rap. Most well known hybrid rock song: ”Walk this way” from Aerosmith and Run DMC. The movie industry hybrid has many different forms like a funny teenage movie is a combination of teenage movie and a comedy. So basically all movies are hybrids. And in the automotive industry hybrid is a car running on…

Kyra Roest

Kyra Roest: online kan de ritselruimte niet vervangen

Niets zo vermakelijk als een feest van zich onoverwinnelijk wanend business minnend Nederland na een succesvolle overname van een kleinere, snellere en creatievere concurrent. Vol overgave worden alle registers opengetrokken en het orgel aangetrapt zodat de Mark Rutte en Monica Keizer lookalikes zich kunnen storten in de verstikkende polka met als doel de ander van het begeerde carrière pad af te stoten. Ondertussen wurmen de overgenomen creatievelingen zich door de steeds dikkere kluwen van verstrengelde lichamen richting de achteruitgang om aan de toekomstige verstikkende tsunami van procedures en processen te ontkomen. Af en toe komt de polka plots tot stilstand…

Jan van Boesschoten

As an educated historian, entrepreneur and self taught technologist I like to connect the dots of technical, social and economic developments.

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